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Welcome to Beyond Yoga Trinidad, formerly One Yoga Trinidad. We intend to enrich the lives of anyone that walks through our doors and hope to facilitate a depth of yoga practice that transcends the posture and encourages us to take our practice beyond the yoga mat, and into our lives.

Regardless of anyone’s age, level of fitness, race, religion or social status Beyond Yoga aims to create a warm and loving space where everyone can feel at home and experience the possibilities of a regular yoga practice.

“If I did not believe that the practice of Yoga deepens one’s relationship to their understanding of God, and increases our capacity to love one another, I would walk away from it immediately.”   – Troy Hadeed –

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Beyond Your Image, Your Opinions, Your Beliefs, Your Ideas, Your Identity, & Your Story. WE DISCOVER LOVE.

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Unlimited Online Access

Join us for daily live-streamed classes & full access to our class library of over 500+ classes.

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Beginners Introductory Course

New to yoga? Begin here with Troy Hadeed as he guides you through the hows & whys of your yoga practice and how it will impact your life, both on & off the mat.

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Private Sessions

Private guidance both online or in-person with any of our instructors to help you safely develop and grow your practice.

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Meditation & Pranayama


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What our students say

“I was instantly hooked on Beyond Yoga’s style of yoga after following just a few of his videos and felt inspired to reach out and do privates online. I felt very welcomed into Beyond Yoga’s online studio.

As a silver lining of the quarantine last year, my practice advanced with early morning zoom sessions out of Trinidad all summer. Who would believe that yoga could be practiced this way!?”

Corporate Offerings

The practice of yoga and meditation among its members will bring about a more fulfilled organization and can expect to see increased productivity, improved communication, and increases in Team Spirit & Morale along with higher workplace satisfaction.

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Meet the Teachers

Jacob Cino

Doreen Hamel Smith

Troy Hadeed

Jade Ammon

Chris Peake

Asha Wadada

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