Corporate Sessions

For any corporation or team, the practice of yoga and meditation among its members will bring about an increase in personal memory, focus, energy levels, and overall health and happiness, while reducing anxiety, stress, and worry. The practice of yoga and meditation among its members will bring about a more fulfilled organization and can expect to see increased productivity, improved communication, and increases in Team Spirit & Morale along with higher workplace satisfaction.

Your Corporate program can include


  • Full access for all your employees to our daily live-streamed classes weekly as well as 24hr access to our online class library of recorded classes for all levels of experience.
  • Access to our beginner’s online course with Troy Hadeed
  • An in-person beginners course for your staff with Troy Hadeed
  • In-person or online weekly privates for your workforce or team. 
  • Customized workshops or retreats for your clients or staff.
  • Introductory breath & meditation workshops for your workforce.
  • Coupon codes for your staff & clients to receive up to 25% off all online offerings
  • Opportunity to earn commission on individual enrollment of staff or clients



These company-sponsored sessions offer a tailored yoga practice that I consciously build into my workday. They are a great mix of strength and relaxation which helps manage work-related stress and alleviates the aches and pains from too much sitting at a desk. I would highly recommend BeyondYoga to any hardworking professional!

– Aliyyah Mollick