It is a pleasure to highlight our corporate partners who sponsor some of our classes and events in an effort to make the practice of yoga, meditation, & mindfulness more accessible. Their assistance will allows us to provide a robust class schedule along with scholarship programs, by-donation classes (where 70% of donations go to local charities), and create sustainable programs that take yoga and meditation to communities and regions that may not have previously had access to them; including the sponsorship of individuals from lower income communities to become certified yoga teachers.

While the highlighting of our corporate is not ‘brand endorsement’ and cannot vouch for all of the practices, products, or services of our partners, we can vouch for their intentions, efforts, and attention to bringing more peace to our world and improving the lives of all our societies stakeholders.

When you attend a weekly class ‘sponsored’ by one of out partners you get special coupons, discounts, & offerings from their establishment!! Yet another reason to get onto your mat!

Click the partner logo below to learn more about their offerings.